Board Discussion on 4- or 5-day Model After Spring Break, 2021

The Board of Directors Followed Teacher and Staff Recommendations to Remain at 4 Days

The Board of Directors held an in-depth discussion last night about whether to keep the on-campus model at 4 days or transition to 5 days after spring break. The vote was to remain at 4 days on-campus, and 1 day on-line  (Fridays), until the end of the school year (May 28). 

While there are positives and negatives to both models, the Board followed teacher and staff recommendations and agreed that on balance the pros of remaining at 4 days outweigh the cons. 

  • An overarching consideration is avoiding another transition. Our students have gone through three major transitions this school year and moving to 5 days would be the fourth.
  • A transition to a 5-day model would come with significant operational and structural changes, including reworking staffing schedules especially with paraprofessional support staff, significant changes to special education services, changes to specialists such as physical education, and possibly changes to bus routes. 
  • The school continues to experience a shortage of Special Education Paraprofessionals. These important positions are required by law and adequate staffing in this area is essential to our educational programming for students that receive Special Education services. One less in-person per day would allow an easier allocation of our existing resources. 
  • We continue to have students and staff facing state guideline required quarantine periods, and Fridays are key catch-up periods.
  • Three classroom teachers will continue to teach in a hybrid model (both in-person and on-line).
  • Custodial staff continue to deep clean and sanitize classrooms on Fridays.
  • COVID rates may spike after spring break if large numbers of families travel.

Please watch for more information on how out teaching staff will continue to develop plans to keep students fully engaged on Fridays.

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