Board Approves Grade/Class Sizes for 2021-22

River Grove’s Board of Directors met on Tuesday, 3/16/21, and approved class sizes for 2021-22.

Because May Township partially approved the school’s Conditional Use Permit amendment request, allowing a total 225 students on campus for 2021-22, the number of students in each grade is based on several factors including the number of 2020-21 students returning for 2021-22 and trying to keep siblings in families together.

Class sizes for 2021-22 are:

GradeOverall Grade SizeClass SizeNotes
K40202 sections of K
13517.52 sections of 1st
236182 sections of 2nd
33517.52 sections of 3rd
440202 sections of 4th
523231 second of 5th
616161 second of 6th
225 Total

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