Optional Family Forms

These 2023-24 Forms are Optional. One Form per Family as Needed.

  • Application for Educational Benefits 2023-24 — Send the printed and completed .pdf form to River Grove.
    • Starting school year 2023-24, we are joining Minnesota’s Free School Meals Program. All students can get one breakfast and one lunch free of charge each day at school.
    • Although no application is required to receive this free meal benefit, filling out the Application for Educational Benefits is still important! Your child(ren) may qualify for other benefits like reduced fees at school. Your application may also help the school qualify for education funds, discounts, and other meal programs.
  • Volunteering at River Grove? — Please go to the volunteering page to complete the form to volunteer at River Grove. The McDowell Agency requires $21.00 per person to process the background check. The form is valid for 3 years.

Forms Menu
  • Kindergarten Forms for Individual Students
  • Grades 1-5 Forms for Individual Students
  • Family Forms (Single Forms for All Students in the Family)

How to Turn in Completed Forms

There are two types of forms:

  • 1) Forms in .pdf format generally require signatures from physicians or other personnel. For the .pdf forms, please submit to River Grove in one of these ways:
  • 2) On-line forms are sent automatically to River Grove. You do not need to print and send them into the office.
    • Please complete the on-line forms on a computer, not a smart phone.

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