Update on the School’s Location

Grove Elementary is getting closer to being able to make a facility location decision. At the January 2017 business meeting, the board unanimously decided to enter into lease negotiations with the owners of the Wilder Forest buildings, which are located on Norell Avenue about six miles southwest of Marine and about nine miles northwest of downtown Stillwater. Meetings with May Township will also be scheduled.

Board Chair Kristina Smitten explained the process: “From nearly the start of our planning, we’ve been considering three locations: the current Marine Elementary building, the former Concordia Language Village buildings at Wilder, and Christ Lutheran Church in Marine. Because District 834’s Board of Directors imposed a stay on itself due to the ongoing legal situation, District 834 leadership has felt unable to discuss the possible sale of the Marine building. We are proactively moving forward—we need to for our students and our community—and we are absolutely thrilled about the opportunities presented by the Wilder facilities.”

MACS Director Lisa White added that the Wilder site will fit very well into the school’s mission. “We are lucky that the greater Marine area offers so much in the way of natural resources, local and Minnesota history, arts, and civic stewardship. With its 900 acres of forests, lakes, wetlands, prairies, hiking and cross-country ski trails, and a wildlife sanctuary accessible by trail, Wilder provides a natural backdrop for the teaching team’s curriculum decisions. There is also a large grassed area and extensive wooded areas for exercise, exploration, and play.”

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