Enrollment Lottery for 2022-23

River Grove’s Enrollment Lottery will be Held via Zoom

  • Date: Friday, February 4, 2022 • 9:30am
  • Please click the link below to join:
    Passcode: zz4xkF
  • Attendance is welcome but optional — we will send students’ lottery results via email during the week of February 7.
  • During the lottery, names and personally identifying information will not be used; we will draw students’ lottery information and refer to them by Application ID number, which is on the Pre-Enrollment Application confirmation email sent at the time of application. If that number is needed, please contact the office (admin@marineareaschool.org).

How Does the Enrollment Process Work?

·     According to Minnesota charter school law, if a charter school receives more Pre-Enrollment Applications during the Open Enrollment period than open spaces for a particular grade, the school will conduct a Lottery to determine which students are offered enrollment at the school and which students are placed on waiting lists.

·     Kindergarten offers of enrollment will begin during the week of February 7 and are sent by email with the subject of “Official Enrollment Form for 2022-23.” Applicants have 5 business days to complete and sign the form. If there is no response, we will move to the next applicant on the list.

·     Upper Grades: The number of open spaces in a first- through sixth-grade class is determined by the number of returning students and the class size established by the school board.  Invitations to Enroll will start to be sent out toward the end of February 2022.

·     Applications received at any time during the Open Enrollment period are equally likely to be offered a classroom position, with the exception of board-approved enrollment preferences such as siblings of students currently enrolled at MACS, and children of MACS employees (see Enrollment Policy).

·     Although the Open Enrollment period is now closed (as of this posting), we are still accepting applications. New applicants will be offered enrollment at the school or placed on waiting lists, depending on space availability.

River Grove’s enrollment policy follow Minnesota’s Charter School Law, Chapter 124E, specifically 124E.11, which describes admission requirements and enrollment procedures: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/124E.11

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