Transportation Info and SafeStop

River Grove operates four buses each day, morning and afternoon. If you would like information about our bus system, please email

Safe Stop: How to Get Started


Just follow these easy instructions to get the app.

  • Search “SafeStop” on your Apple app store or Google Play store to
    download the free app. You can also access SafeStop on the web at
  • Select “Create Account,” and from the drop-down list select your state.
    From the new drop-down that populates, select River Grove: A Marine Area School.
  • Then, enter your valid contact information and click REGISTER.
  • Check your email for an email verification code, enter in the app and click SUBMIT.
  • Enter your 2019-2020 Access Code (will be emailed to parents) and click SUBMIT.
  • Set your Notification Preferences and click SUBMIT to complete your
    secure registration.


Once you have successfully completed your registration, click GO TO MY STOPS to start setting up your account.

  • Click ADD A BUS STOP and enter the street address and postal code of your house or bus stop.
  • Select your AM stop first and click ADD. Then select your PM stop and
    click ADD. From here, you will see your stops listed.
  • Adjust the Notification Preferences for your stop by clicking
    and dragging it on your screen. You may also widen the
    area of your preferences by expanding the circle. You will be
    notified once the bus has entered your
    selected notification area.

For additional help, email us at or call (800) 843-8936.

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