Science Fair 2017-18 Materials and Info

River Grove’s 3rd – 6th Graders are having a Science Fair on Tuesday May 8, 4:00 – 7:00 P.M.

We would love to have students participate at any level, for the love of science. They can make a science project for display only, or they can enter their project in the school Science Competition portion of the event.

Teachers have a Science Fair Checklist packet filled with suggestions for project steps and completion dates. They also have the Rubric that judges will be using when they examine the competitive projects.

Projects may be as simple or as complicated as you and your student decide. The most important thing is to pick something fun!

We would like to know how many students plan to participate. Please fill out the bottom of the Sign-Up Form and send it back to school by Friday April 15th. Projects don’t need to be completed by then.

Click on the links for Science Fair Materials


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