IMPORTANT: School Location Update, Begins Nov. 27, 2023

Beginning Monday, November 27, 2023, River Grove will hold school programming full time at the Forest Property located at 14189 Ostlund Trail N, Marine on St Croix (our original school campus from 2017-2023).

We will remain at the forest campus while a comprehensive maintenance and upgrade plan is developed. Once ready for implementation, we will move our programming to the Manitou Education and Arts Center building in Stillwater while this work is taking place. This could occur as early as January 2024.

The future of River Grove is very bright thanks to Manitou Fund’s incredible commitment to our school. We are also powered by and grateful for the continued and unwavering encouragement, patience and resiliency of our families and staff. Thank you for your support as we enter the final phase of securing an incredible long-term home in the forest!

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